Joan Oloff, DPM, FACFAS

Joan Oloff DPM
Joan Oloff, DPM, FACFAS

Dr. Oloff started her professional career in academics, as an associate professional at the California College of Podiatric Medicine. After starting her family, she maintained her academic connections as an assistant clinical professor at Stanford University. During that period, she published several articles, edited a textbook, and contributed other book chapters. She lectured extensively around the country. As her family grew, she focused her attention on creating and building the Los Gatos Foot and Ankle Center. Her vision was to provide the same level of care offered in the academic environment to her local community. She put down roots in Los Gatos and raised her 3 children here. In 2005, she built the Los Gatos Medical Office Center, where the Los Gatos Foot and Ankle Center was to find it’s new home. Right next door is the VIP Surgicare, ambulatory surgery center, where Dr. Oloff is able to perform the majority of her outpatient surgical procedures. This provides patients with the continued personal VIP experience they are provided in the practice. She is able to work with a handpicked team of nurses and doctors to extend the practice’s philosophy of attentive, personalized care in a warm and supportive environment.

Dr. Oloff grew up in New York, where she became a classically trained musician. She pivoted her energies into medicine, but still maintains her passion for music. A baby grand piano was her first furniture purchase and remains her most prized possession. She is an avid tennis player and loves treating athletes in her practice. Whether young children participating in junior sports or professional athletes with careers at stake, athletes know they have a passionate, talented advocate in Dr. Oloff. They have confidence in her ability to guide them through their injuries to get them back to playing with improved function.

Dr. Oloff has invested in the latest technologies for the practice. She is here to help guide patients through the myriad of technologies available. Dr. Oloff believes in putting her patients' needs first and will serve as a guide through the increasingly complex world of new technologies and procedures. She believes in allowing evidence-based medicine to help guide treatment protocols.

Finally, Dr. Oloff wants her patients to know she is grateful every day for their trust!


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