We treat our patients like family members and we always put our patients first.

Los Gatos Foot and Ankle Center Mission Statement

Created from the vision of Dr. Joan Oloff, and Dr. Nikhil Boga, The Los Gatos Foot and Ankle Center offers cutting edge medical technology in a warm and caring environment. We treat our patients like family members and we always put our patients first.

Our patient demographic is quite wide. We care for all foot and ankle problems, from the simplest, to the most complex. We treat everyone from young infants to patients of advanced years. We care for diabetic patients who require at risk preventative foot care, as well as healthy patients who have sustained complex foot or ankle fractures.

We are proud to offer regenerative therapies which are now available to heal damaged tissues. Everything from non-invasive MLS laser therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections, Amniotic membrane, to articular cartilage repairs have expanded our tools tremendously. We are at the forefront of keeping our patients active using therapies that help in achieving joint preservation.

Most recently, we are offering minimal incision bunion surgery (Mini-bunion) to our patients. This new techniques allows earlier return to shoes, while resulting in a very small scar.

Our patients are always provided with a thoughtful, comprehensive treatment plan. Our staff is an integral part of our practice and our family. Grisel has been with the practice for 17 years and Chelsea has been with us for 13 years. They both work tirelessly on your behalf.

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Dr. Oloff I wanted to tell you how grateful I am after returning to your office. Your kind care relieved a very painful toe. Thank you, thank you. Secondly, the return of the custom insert is now comfortable and worn daily.

A happy and grateful patient.

James B.

Dr. Oloff is an excellent doctor. I've been seeing her since the late 1980's when I had my bunionectomy which is still in excellent condition. A few weeks ago I sprained my foot walking the dog. it continued to hurt throughout the day despite icing it. I had spent the day in Capitola and at the end of our drive back I called to see if I could get in to see her...the staff was very accommodating and got me in for an exam and x-ray... I wore the wrap and followed instructions and have my foot back for tennis. Thanks Dr. Oloff and team for being so accommondating.

Kim P.

I recently had a procedure done on my toes, and think very highly of their practice. LG Foot and Ankle Center is clean, the staff professional, and I would highly recommend their services to family and friends. Doctor was very attentive and made me feel very comfortable throughout the procedure. The other staff members were great too! The follow up appointments have been easy to schedule, and I feel like they have a vested interest in my recovery.

Beth C.

The staff is awesome! They are friendly and very accommodating. I really like how doctor explains everything and is very patient.

Katherine N.

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