An amniotic allograft is a tissue graft created from the amniotic membrane of a human placenta. Amniotic allografts can be used in the treatment of various podiatric conditions involving soft tissue injury, such as plantar fasciitis. Amniotic allografts have been historically useful in the modulation of inflammation, reduction of scar tissue formation, and enhancement of the healing of soft tissue. If conservative treatments of oral or topical anti-inflammatories are not enough to heal your soft tissue injury, your podiatrist may recommend using amniotic allografts.

Amniotic allografts contains naturally occurring growth factors, or powerful agents that our bodies produce to instruct cells to travel to target site, help the site recover, and help your cells reconstruct damaged tissue. Amniotic allografts have been shown to reduce pain at the site of application and have various antibacterial properties.

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